Edmonds Seniors Society AGM

Tuesday, 17th March 2020 at 10:00

The Board of Directors of the Edmonds Seniors Society invite all members to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Edmonds Seniors Society.

Business will include:

  • Financial Report and Budget 2020
  • Elections for Board of Director Members

Membership Fees

Purchase a membership to enjoy all 55+ activities.

You can use the Single Centre Pass ($18.90/year) for activities at one specific centre, or you can user the Multi-Centre pass ($45.30/year) for access to activities in all 55+ Centres.

Please note:  many classes are open to non-members for a slightly higher fee.

Single Centre Edmonds memberships, and Multi Centre memberships where Edmonds is the primary Centre entitle membership in the Edmonds Seniors Society with full voice and voting rights at meetings and elections.

**If you are a Burnaby citizen over 90 years, please contact your local 55+ Centre regarding a lifetime membership.


We are a volunteer organization, and are always looking for volunteers to assist with our programs.  Please complete the volunteer application on the City of Burnaby’s website and come join us as we ensure that programs are available to the 55+ group!

Board of Directors

The Board is responsible for the operation of the Society between General Meetings usually held annually.  Board members are elected for two year terms, about half of the Board elected each year.   Table Officers are elected from and by the Board members.

The next Annual General Meeting will be held on 17th March 2020 at the Edmonds Community Centre at 9:30 in the morning.  In addition to elections, the agenda will include reports from all the groups, the financial statement, and a budget for the following year.  (See Annual  and Special General Meeting Minutes below.)

ESS Board of Directors 2019 2020

Constitution and Bylaws

The current Constitution and Bylaws for the Edmonds Seniors Society were approved by motion at the Annual General Meeting held on the 20th February 2018.

Read full document

Group Leaders Manual

Each Group Leader is issued a manual that advises the responsibilities for the Group Leader and provides information about our Society.

ESS Group Leaders Manual 2018 A edition

Financial Policy Manual

The Edmonds Seniors Society has developed a Financial Policy Manual for members and Group Leaders.  The intent is for all the information regarding finances to be in one location, rather than being required to search through the By-laws to find the information.

ESS BoD Financial Policy Manual

Annual General and General Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting are posted in the lounge on the bulletin board, in draft form until they are endorsed at a meeting.

ESS AGM 2018 Amended

ESS SGM Minutes 24 May 2018

AGM 2019 Package

AGM 2019 Minutes to be posted

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