Edmonds Seniors Society AGM

Tuesday, 17th March 2020 at 10:00

The Board of Directors of the Edmonds Seniors Society invite all members to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Edmonds Seniors Society.

Business will include:

  • Financial Report and Budget 2020
  • Elections for Board of Director Members


Purpose of The Edmonds Seniors Society!

  1.  To bring together persons interested in furthering the physical, social and educational programs of the Edmonds Community Centre for fifty-five plus, and to enable the Edmonds Seniors Society to help maintain the well-being and health of people aged fifty-five plus in the community.
  2. To utilize the skills of people fifty-five plus in the community and to enable individuals to develop their full potential by providing a variety of volunteer opportunities.
  3. To advise and assist in collaboration with Burnaby Parks, Recreation and Culture Staff, in the provision of services and programs for people fifty-five plus.
  4. To seek out and identify the social and recreational needs and opportunities of the senior community.
  5. To initiate and develop programs in collaboration with Burnaby Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Staff, for Edmonds Seniors Services members to directly provide relief of conditions such as loneliness, social isolation and inactivity.
  6. To raise, manage, and account for all Edmonds Seniors Society funds for the Society’s programs.
  7. To provide volunteer leadership for Edmonds Seniors Society programs and services.

Join some fun!

What do you want to do? Our 860 square foot seniors’ lounge is the perfect place for the 55+ to gather and meet new friends. Enjoy a visit; work on a jig saw puzzle; or play a game of  Scrabble.

Enjoy a game of snooker in the 1,044 square foot snooker facility.  Play table tennis three times a week, or relax and play a game of cribbage.  Come and enjoy our seniors lunch program provided by CITY Food Service, and join us for themed lunches and birthday parties.


Single Centre memberships are $18.90/year.  Either a Single Centre or Multi Centre ($45.30/year)membership will entitle you to participate in all our activities at the low member rate.  (Some programs are available to non-members at a slightly higher rate per activity.)  

**This site continues to be updated.  Please check back soon, or visit the city website below for more information about specific programs: